Since 2004, ACTIBUS carries out all your private or professional transports, for any number of passengers and destinations. Based in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, between the Alps and the Rhone Valley, our SHUTTLES and PRIVATE TRANSFERS services give you access to train stations, airports, towns and mountains…

ACTITRAVEL our travel department created in 2016 offers standard TOURS and studies all specific projects.

Member of the FNTV - National Federation of Passenger Transport - our company is subject to the strict health regulations issued by its federation, in the context of this pandemic. This guide to good practice is based in particular on the recommendations to date of the Government and health authorities: disinfection of vehicles, wearing of masks, distancing, driver training, passenger information ... everything is done to secure our transport services.
For more information on the protocols in place, please contact us directly on or on 04 76 06 48 66.
Between Grenoble and the Airport GRENOBLE ALPES ISERE (Saint-Geoirs).
Winter shuttles : reservations will be proposed to you as soon as the flight schedules are confirmed. We invite you to come back to the site in a few days or to contact us via our CONTACT FORM.
A private door-to-door transport service suitable for all types of trips : individual, family, tribe, corporate … for all destinations and durations
Catalog of individual or group outings, as well as tailor-made trips for groups.